Thought Leader…. Really?


Now, I’m sure there are people and organisations out there that we could all agree are innovative and leaders in their chosen areas….. But what really gets my goat, are those twats that somehow manage to amass wealth from gullible schmucks by preaching  their drivel, speaking lots but saying nothing or by promising maximum reward for minimal work.

These, my fellow Muppetiers are façades, lies and false dreams, giving your time and money to a self branded ‘Thought Leader’ will benefit no one but them.

Not only does the term itself grate like nails down a chalk board, but the people that introduce themselves as Thought Leaders make me want to physically vomit. Basisally, it is my opinion that these individuals are nothing more than semi articulate failures, with barely enough talent or knowledge to spell ‘greatness’ correctly let alone deliver it. They read all the ‘keynotes’, go to all the conferences, attend all the ‘webinars [vomit again] and memorise the targon whilst surrounding themselves with other loser that think they are Thought Leaders too.

You know who you are, now get in the loft and close the door behind you!!